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Check out my CD release Permanent Resonance, featuring the Irish Bouzouki, guitars, cello, flute and whistlefeaturing world class musicians 


Permanent Resonance – Music from the Celtic Nations

A six track EP featuring world class musicians, Permanent Resonance is a trip around the places I have been lucky to call home
featuring instrumentals inspired by the Celtic nations.

My new CD, Permanent Resonance is a trip around the places I love to call home, past & present. It is a 6 track EP with Irish bouzouki, guitar, cello and flutes and whistle featured. The musicians are Tina Soule, Philippe Barnes and Leah Rankin. I am interested in all genres of music but Irish music and music from the wider Celtic community is in my blood with both parents from the West of Ireland.

It is the music of the kitchen…of the home hearth – handed down from father to daughter, mother to son. It has traversed the world and become larger than its geographic borders may once have suggested. From Dublin to London,  Tokyo, Sydney, Auckland, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston and New York……..it is truly at home on the world stage, as well as the kitchen flagstones…

I am interested in bringing like minded musicians together to create collaborations. The endeavor is to bring emotive and passionate music to new places, new heights and new listeners. There are no boundaries once music is played and the energy, melancholy, and history of the Irish traditional arts can, at once, bring, joy and sadness…..evocative and timeless.